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Pyramid - Eitan Reiter -

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Eitan Reiter - Pyramid (Dusty Kid adventures mix) ... tPiWrjyWQm

Eitan Reiter Am 03.10.2017 veröffentlicht

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Out of all the techno tracks I have ever made "Pyramid" is definitely one of my favorites! It was made right after playing a super inspiring set at a very small underground event in Berlin. Now, 2 years later, its finally released with a remix by Dusty Kid and its side B - "Midnight glide" on Digital Structures.

Track list:
1. Eitan Reiter - Pyramid
2. Eitan Reiter - Midnight Glide
3. Eitan Reiter - Pyramid (Dusty Kid adventures mix)

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Eitan Reiter is an innovative and versatile music producer that has taken Part in Many internationally famous projects.
He is part of the Electronic duo LOUD.
Eitan also runs a successful solo project in genres such as Electronica, Techno, Deep House, Tech House, Progressive House, Chill Out & World..He has appeared on numerous successful releases by leading record labels.
In 2010 he released 'Places I miss that I haven’t been to' (Aleph Zero)

Eitan has collaborated with a selection of leading producers
and some of the top artists of the electronic music.
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