Kokopelli- Surrendered Peace

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Kokopelli- Surrendered Peace

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Kokopelli- Surrendered Peace
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCnuFzu ... KAbCZlwSOg

Kenneth F. Thornton II Am 13.01.2019 veröffentlicht

Kokopell (2002) a short film by Kenneth F. Thornton II

Toss to the winds your concern for this life, and impress on your mind the unknown time of your death. Remembering the pain of samsara, why long for the unnecessary? Milarepa

In the monastery of your heart and body, you have a temple where all buddhas unite. Milarepa

The Cosmic Joke- Realization does not arise out of words
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HT8ChCL ... KAbCZlwSOg

Kenneth F. Thornton II Am 12.01.2019 veröffentlicht

Realization does not arise out of words.
Understanding does not come from mere suggestions. I urge all those who work for enlightenment To meditate with perseverance and effort. Endurance and effort overcome the greatest of difficulties. May there be no obstacles for those who seek enlightenment
-. Milarepa

Video by Kenneth F. Thornton II
ThunderBeing films

Music- Desert Capriccio, Artist Yo-Yo Ma;Tan Dun

"Der grosse kosmische Witz ist, dass du das bist, was du suchst"